Date:March 31, 2018


Welcome to Talariax! If you have been following on what was written about sendQuick solutions, most probably we got your attention and interest now.

sendQuick Solutions are internally researched, developed and manufactured. We have different models with enhanced features. They are easy to deploy and require very little technical know-how to do so.


Depending on your business needs, TalariaX’s variety of solutions can resolve many of the challenges in your organization today, by improving responsiveness, reduce workflow bottlenecks, and increase your customer experiences.

Explore sendQuick, our cost effective solutions for unlimited end-user licensed application today!

It was a time when businesses needed a more cost-effective, efficient and productive way to reach out to their customer as well as to enhance their internal communications. Businesses were looking at various technologies and mobile phone usage (particularly text SMS) in changing the way people interact between businesses and consumers.


The founders started TalariaX in 2001 with the belief that SMS (text) can help companies to improve their communications, internally as well as with customers. TalariaX believes in developing our own products with a strong emphasis on simplicity, bringing the complex Application-To-Person (A2P) messaging solution to all companies. The convenience and efficiency of mobile messaging will help businesses in all areas, particularly IT Departments and Business Operations in improving their responsiveness while removing workflow bottlenecks to stay ahead of their game. TalariaX mobile messaging solution will play a central role in assisting companies in achieving these goals.


TalariaX is derived from the Greek word “talaria”, the winged sandals of Hermes (the emissary and messenger of Zeus). It represents instantaneous and accurate delivery of important messages through a medium to reach the desired message receiver or audience.