With our business mobile messaging solutions, you can do much more with the humble SMS texts. Be it sending messages such as One-Time-Passwords for enhanced security, broadcasting messages, delivery notifications, job dispatch, inventory updates, appointment reminders, internal workflow, customer communication etc., we’ve got you covered.

Our solutions include IT Alerts & NotificationsSecure Remote Access via 2-Factor AuthenticationEmergency & Broadcast MessagingBusiness Process Automation and System Availability Monitoring.

Additionally, we do understand your need for privacy, security, and confidentiality while exchanging sensitive information with a colleague or an external partner. Our corporate instant messenger app, specially developed for business use, lets you communicate with peace of mind.

Our brands – sendQuickTalariaX Cloud and sqoope represent our vision of making businesses more efficient and effective, using mobile messaging as the central communication channel. TalariaX will continue to develop easy-to-use enterprise-class wireless products and services to benefit our customers.

Talk to us to see how we can add value to your business!

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